About Us

The de Moya Group, Inc., is a highway and bridge construction company that specializes in complex major infrastructure projects in Florida. The company was founded in 1986 by Armando and Alisa de Moya together with brothers Alvaro (Al) and Jorge Juan, as well as other family members who chose to invest in The de Moya Group.

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What We Do Best

Our innovative approach is possible because of our talented staff and an extensive network of partners who share our vision.

Our company has a proven track record of finishing projects on time and within budget to ensure taxpayer dollars are not wasted.

The de Moya Group specializes in Design/Build projects in both a prime and JV partner role with more than $2.34 billion in projects.

Our staff of experienced project managers know the ins and outs of successfully completing complex construction projects. They have seen it all and will ensure your project will stay on budget and be delivered on time.

Brief History of Projects, Key Personnel and Expansions

The company has grown from its humble beginnings more than 30 years ago when Armando and Alvaro de Moya built the company’s first project, a $62,000 turn lane for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), to one of Florida’s major highway construction companies, with current Design-Build Joint Venture contracts valued at $800 million and completing prime projects valued at over $140 million.

While The de Moya Group began very small and with minimal capital, the principals quickly learned that to remain competitive in the aggressive construction market it would have to expand its construction capabilities and it set out to accomplish this plan one step at a time.  Today, The de Moya Group has the expertise, labor, and equipment to self-perform all major work items including, earthwork, drainage, roadway base, asphalt paving, major and minor bridges, concrete paving, retaining walls, and concrete and steel piling.  It also produces its own asphalt as well as its own prestress and precast concrete products including 18″, 24″, and 30″ concrete piling, 36″ thru 78″ Florida I-Beams, MSE wall panels and Type K temporary barrier walls.  It owns more than 400 pieces of equipment and still operates its first piece of equipment purchased in 1987, an excavator that has over 30,000 hours, exemplifying the staying power of this family business. 

The company credits its successes to the many dedicated, talented and hard-working employees that have made the company what it is today.  The underlying philosophy being that “a company is only as good as the people it employs” and to that end, the company considers every employee an important part of its success.  Throughout its 30-year history, the company has grown steadily and it takes great pride in the fact that it has never been forced to lay off a single employee for lack of work.

1986: The company was founded and operated out of Armando and Alisa’s one-car garage.  Armando and Alvaro (Al) worked the projects while Alisa and Jorge Juan managed the administrative functions.  Later that year, it was awarded its first project, a $62,000 turn lane, and then its first major drainage project as a DBE subcontractor on a major interstate highway in Broward County valued at $1 million.

1987:  Mike MacDonell joined the company as a laborer on a pipe crew and became a Project Superintendent.  In 2006 he formed his own drainage company.

1989:  Fernando de Moya joined the company as a Project Supervisor and then directly managed two major interchange projects in Palm Beach County through 2004.

1991: The company recognized the need to establish a bridge division and it sought the help of a long time friend, Richard Horne, to bid and win a highway project that included three bridges over the C-111 canal in Broward County.  The company also sought the help of another long time friend and Mechanical Engineer, Hector Diaz, who became the Equipment Maintenance Superintendent.

1994:  Rogelio “Chico” de Cardenas joined the company as Trucking Foremen and served as the company’s go-to foreman and equipment operator for special projects for over 20 years.

1995:  AJ de Moya begins full time employment after having worked during the summers, mostly in the field, since the company started its first job in 1987.  AJ begins as an Assistant Estimator and Project Manager assisting Armando and learning the business from the management side.  Will Homer is also brought on board to learn the bridge business from the bottom up, and develops into a Bridge Superintendent and Lift Crane Manager.

1996: The company was awarded its first project valued over $10 million on the Florida Turnpike in Miami-Dade County. Victor Suarez is brought in as a pipe layer and currently serves as a Roadway Superintendent.

1998: Mark Krizner, P.E. is brought on board to expand the Bridge Division and currently oversees all bridge work for the company.  Geoff Ferero is also brought on as Assistant Project Manager and is currently serving as a Sr. Project Manager.  Mark and Geoff managed the $124 million NW 25th Street Viaduct Project that received numerous awards.

1999:  The company was awarded its first major interstate interchange project on I-95 in Palm Beach County, valued at $24 million, and followed the next year with another major interchange project on Southern Boulevard, valued at $32 million. Fernando and Brent Norman earned their stripes on these projects.

1999:  Christopher de Moya begins full time employment in the family business working on projects under the guidance of Al de Moya after having worked summers since 1990.  Chris is currently the company’s Vice President in charge of operations.

2000:  Brent Norman, CPA is brought on as Assistant Project Manager for Fernando on the Palm Beach County projects and currently serves as Sr. Project Manager for the company’s largest projects

2003:  The company is awarded a $68 million major interchange project in Miami-Dade County.

2004:  Francisco (Frank) de Moya joins the company and heads the trucking and recycling operations.

2005:  The company is awarded a $103 million major Turnpike project in Broward County.

2006:  The company expands its operations and purchases an asphalt plant, starting its asphalt subsidiary, The Asphalt Group.   Walter Brewer heads the Asphalt Division with Marty Andrade as the Plant Manager.  Grant Cool is also brought in to assist AJ as Project Manager and currently leads the company’s central Florida operations.

2007:  The company was awarded the $124 million NW 25th Street Viaduct project, a one mile structural steel bridge over a canal and NW 25th Street in Miami-Dade County.  In 2011 the project was completed more than 120 days ahead of schedule and received numerous awards.

2008:  AJ expands his role in the company and aggressively takes on numerous Design-Build pursuits. In 2008, the company also joint ventures with Condotte America and wins the bid for the SR 826/ SR 874 Design-Build interchange in Miami-Dade County. Design concepts and innovative ideas save the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) over $50 million as compared to the second bidder.  The project completed 167 days early in 2012.

2009:  The company joint ventures with Condotte America and Community Asphalt and wins the bid for a $559 million Design-Build-Finance major interchange at SR 826/ SR 836 in Miami-Dade County.  The project includes forty-seven bridges including four segmental flyovers at third and fourth levels.  Again, design concepts and innovative ideas save FDOT $45 million as compared to the second bidder.

2010:  The company expands its operations to include a Prestress-Precast Division in association with Florida Rock and Sand Prestress and Precast. Mr. Lawrence Garret heads the Prestress Division. The Prestress Division provides concrete piling, Florida I-Beams, MSE wall panels and Type K temporary barrier walls.

2011:  The de Moya Group wins a $54 million Design-Build project for a section of I-95 in Indian River County and enters into teaming agreements with other contractors and engineering companies to pursue numerous Design-Build projects throughout the state of Florida, including Ft. Myers, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, and the Treasure Coast. Kristina de Moya, P.E. joins the firm to assist in expansion plans and help manage project pursuits statewide.

2012: The de Moya Group receives the highest technical score and wins the $134 million I-4 Widening Design-Build Project in Volusia County for FDOT District 5 beginning work on one of the largest infrastructure projects in Central Florida.

2014:  The de Moya Group begins work on two new significant Design-Build projects with FDOT including the $83 million Gandy Blvd. Project (FDOT District 7, St. Petersburg, FL) and the $145 million HEFT (Turnpike Extension) from Eureka Drive to Killian Parkway.


The company continues to expand successfully completing projects throughout the State while concurrently procuring new jobs to expand its portfolio of services.  Completed Projects include:

  • $134 million  I-4 Widening, Volusia County, FL in 2017
  • $559 million SR 826/ SR 836 Interchange (Palmetto Section 5), Miami-Dade County in 2016
  • $72 million I-75 Widening, Lee County, FL in 2015

New Projects Awarded include:

  • 2017 – Gateway Express Design Build (Pinellas County, JV Partner, $535 million)
  • 2018 – I-95 Express Lanes, Phase 3C Design Build (Broward County, JV Partner, $457 million)
  • 2018 – SR 836/ I-95/ I-395 Signature Bridge Design-Build (Miami-Dade County, JV Partner, $800 million)